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Learn. Achieve.

For more than 30 years we've been advising students as they think about how their education can help them reach goals and fulfill their dreams. 

What We Do.

At IDEA, we know that getting a great education comes down to finding the right fit between you and a college or university. Whether you are an aspiring undergraduate or graduate student, the amount of information and the many unknowns can be confusing and frustrating.


Dr. Frank Ordiway.

Frank takes a comprehensive view of students and applications, prioritizing a good intellectual and cultural fit to ensure the best possible educational experience.

Smiling Mature Man

My son is in a school where there is high competition and anxiety about where to go to college, which makes Frank’s counsel in all of this more valuable since he offers my son realistic and challenging options appropriate to his interests and needs without heightening his anxiety or hurting his spirit.

College Student

Dr. Ordiway came to my school two years ago to talk to students about going to college, since less than a third went on to earn a college degree. Since I always wanted to be an engineer, I had big dreams, but I had no idea how to get into a college where it was taught and where I could get in. He made it happen.

Middle Aged Woman

Both my husband and I were raised outside of the United States and we never went to college, so when my daughter was about to be a junior in high school, we knew we weren’t going to be able to give her good advice. Thanks to Frank, She got into Syracuse University with a scholarship, and she loves it. 

College Student

Frank encouraged me to apply to my dream schools when I thought I’d never get in. He showed me that I had more going for me than I knew and how to show that in my application. I will be at Harvard this fall! Thanks! Without your encouragement, Frank, I would never have even applied.


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