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Dr. Ordiway was marvelous at helping me come up with a good list that represented my interests. More importantly, he was able to help me write successful applications to both Stanford and Cambridge. Then he patiently helped me think through which university would be the best fit for me. I have just finished my second year at Cambridge, and it could not be a better place to study.

Smiling Student

When I didn’t get into the school I applied to ED, I panicked. My parents called Dr. Ordiway, who showed me how poorly I had presented myself in my essays, and he advised me about how to improve them. I got in some great schools after that, and I have just accepted Amherst College’s offer. I think it is the right place for me, and my parents are ecstatic!

College Student

A friend told me to go talk about scholarships for postgraduate study in England. I quickly realized I was not going to be competitive for any of them, and Frank was honest enough to keep me from wasting a lot of time in trying. He still encouraged me to apply to masters programs in London and helped me find the right programs that would help me grow.

University Student
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